In the not so distant future, the Internet becomes cluttered with useless information and important bits of knowledge are in danger of becoming lost. You are a modern age librarian tasked to track and preserve this knowledge, for the good of humankind!

Know Inc. is a secret organization who aims to preserve and curate humanity's most important knowledge. Our mission is to search, sort and distinguish important information from meaningless, trivial media that suffocates today's Internet and shifts humanity's focus away from true progress. Information is power and we believe that humankind has a fundamental right and obligation to educate itself with meaningful information. Our ultimate purpose is to best prepare this knowledge for humankind.

But there are others who know that an educated mass of people is impossible to control, so we have many enemies. We operate in secrecy and we rely on a carefully built international network of Knowledge Agents who are hand picked and secretly contacted after a careful long term observation of their activity on the Internet.

Why you?

You have actively pursued meaningful information and have consistently proven a lack of interest for what is fashionable to know today. Instead of reading about the latest gossips on famous artists, trivialities on how to get rich instantly or mindless consumerism focused on buying overly expensive gadgets, you have spent your time learning about science, art, philosophy, monitoring humanity's under appreciated progress in space or following up on important civil awareness activities over the Internet. You are informed, creative, relentless. We need you.

Job Description

We will provide you with bits of information that you have to connect and learn about them in the process.

You will get a Start information and an End information, both of which are web pages we have uncovered from a once popular collective intelligence network called Wikipedia. We need to know the link between them, and this is where your skills and knowledge come to shine. Click from link to link until you reach your page goal. Try to find the shortest link between the Start and End Wikipedia page.